Meek Mill allegedly sent 200 Goons for Drake Outside Philly ‘Summer Sixteen’ Concert

On Sunday night in Meek Mill’s hometown of Philadelphia, Drake took a direct shot at the Philly rapper in front of a sold out crowd calling Meek Mill a “P*ssy.” Apparently word got out and Meek’s crew showed up to the venue to confront Drake.

Through a series of Instagram posts, one member of Meek Mill’s entourage who identified himself as “D-Line,” went full social media thug about what he was going to do he should cross paths with Drake. “I’ma let y’all n****s know right now, we 100, 200 deep,” he said in the first Instagram clip. “Dreamchasers, we gonna press this n***a Drake. He’s been disrespectful.”

Meek Mill would eventually chime in on the matter and post (now deleted) a photo on Instagram with the caption attacking Drake for his use of police escorts and Jay Prince. “When u run out the backdoor wit 12 and use the ‘old man’ to save you..I’m done. You had Philadelphia swat with you. Ima go ahead and hang it up with these suckas! Had y’all tucked back in there for hrs lol. #stillrunning.”

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