MIA Production signs first artiste “Rhogue”

Dancehall artiste Rhogue has joined forces with Music Industry Achievers Production (MIA Production), will now be handling her management interests and bookings for live appearances.
MIA Production is a full public relations company which does artiste management, bookings and appearances, touring and consulting services.

“It’s a great move to be around good people. I am already feeling at home and I am happy with the way things are looking. Musically, I am ready, and I think this is the team to get things done, and they will play a very important role in my career,” said Rhogue.
Rhogue has accomplished one of her musical aims.

She was featured on tracks with dancehall artiste Demarco, Real Thugs and Wine and Bruck Out, which both did well locally and internationally.
“I am grateful for the opportunity to have collaborated with Demarco. I appreciated it to the max. Now is time to take Rhogue to a next level. I know I have to put in twice the amount of work that I did in 2014 and I am ready,” she said.
The artiste is already busy in the studio voicing for various producers.

For its part, MIA Production boasts that Rhogue possesses natural talent and the ability to be one of Jamaica next big things.
SOURCE: MIA Production

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