Michael Johnson Suggests That Bolt Should Have retired After 2016 Summer Olympics

Usain Bolt’s final race in London ended in disappointment as he suffered a muscle cramp before the end of the 4x100m relay final which was won by Great Britain.

Former sprinter and track & field icon Michael Johnson of the USA, suggested that Bolt should have considered hanging up his spikes up after dominating the sprint events at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro:

“Bolt probably one year too many. Sad to see him go down in his final race. Personally I think he has been amazing for the sport. #Respect”

“It was 40 minutes and two medal presentations before our run,” Yohan said, per BBC Sport. “We keep warming up and waiting, then warming up and waiting. I think it got the better of us. It hurts to see a true legend, a true champion go out there and struggle like that.”

Teammate Omar McLeod was not disappointed by what happened and says the track legend will live forever.

After the race, Usain Bolt thanked his fans for their support.

@UsainBolt 🇯🇲 says thank you as he is currently receiving treatment

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