Miss Kitty Diss Ishawna At Sumfest “No Dish Towel Caah Diss Miss. Lou” [Video]

The Ishawna Saga seems never ending.

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If miss lou kno u batty false u couldn’t call her name…free of speech she dont wear bandana so what’s the big deal…
Kitty go deal with ishawna like a bag juice

Everybody a look a hype off Ishawna. How much ppl get up n wear that bandana business on a daily basis? The pageant girls barely wear them to represent us anymore. Y’all full a shit. The bandana isn’t high on the scale of things ppl associate with being Jamaican. You… Read more »

Keep them talking Ishawna. Drop a next controversial comment. Keep ur name in niggaz and bitches mouths

Kmt. Ishawna seh shi nuh wear table cloth. Shi jus nuh bbc wear it. Unu gallang guh wear it. Lowe d gyal alone now man. Ask unu supn who d BBC wear tablecloth?! Cho. Mek d gyal breathe now man. After all!

Sting them Joan Masters cause all them a chat plenty of them never remember miss Lou exist until ishawna pass her remarks