More People Buying Vybz Kartel’s Book “Voice Of Jamaican Ghetto”

The recent controversies surrounding Vybz Kartel allegedly recording in prison have contributed to a spike in sales of the incarcerated deejay book title “Voice of The Jamaican Ghetto” which was co-written by Michael Dawson.

Former minister of Youth and Culture, Lisa Hanna recently called for Kartel’s songs to be banned from Jamaican airwaves which drew a lot of backlash from his fans and revived interest in the book.

“It’s always done well. However, I must say whenever there’s controversy, it forces people to look at Vybz Kartel and sales go up,” Dawson told Splash.

The book is based on 10 of Kartel’s songs giving a narrative on their social impact. Dawson said he met the artiste in 2010 when Kartel was riding high, despite brushes with the law.

“He pretty much told me from a musical standpoint where the songs were coming from. Then I would take it from an academic view,” Dawson explained.

Dawson is a former Campion College past student. He is apart of House of Dancehall which is part of Whirlwind Entertainment, a company in which Dawson is partner.


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Buy off it yes Gaza mi say

Up move

Ruddy Gaza sqreech
Ruddy Gaza sqreech

Real talk I got my book come on people it’s a great book it stimulates your thoughts open your eyes and tells you about your history as he goes along