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So upset parents should sort there shit out why the child in the middle mother not perfect but the put the child up to it children love to have there own way the father would have to keep her ill support het

Talk up yute

The mother don’t treat the father good it look like she never was taking care of the child if a father beat his baby mother for taking her picture and hair in the baby mouth some thing don’t add up any way it sad to hear these stories i listen… Read more »
The child was not brain washed unuh woman just cant accept that their are worthless mothers out there also…i kno that child and she is very very intelligent if she talk to u .u woulda frighted…very very well spoken…no 1 told her what to say she was just angry abt… Read more »

I would stay away from her too. The way she is brainwashed she might tell lies on you and put you into prison. If you love her and want her approach this thru the family courts. Do not take any undue risks