Mr Vegas Hits Back At Christians Over His New Reggae Song, ‘Adios Irma

A recently released track titled ‘Adios Irma’ by former dancehall artiste now turn gospel singer Mr. Vegas has been receiving backlash online.

The song that talks about the experiences of hurricane Irma have many listeners questioning Vegas faith as they claim the lyrics of the song are not in line with the Christian faith.

“Vegas try off a Christianity fi see if him woulda buss big in it like Lady Saw, but it nuh work out so him a try screechy back inna di devil world,” one user commented on Instagram.

However, Vegas has hit back at the criticism saying members of the Christain community is just jealous because he’s a celebrity so they’re trying to tear him down.

He also sends a message letting them know that he will continue to do all genres of music as he has a family to feed just like everybody else.


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these person stupid we all know that mr veegas a wastee man from him gal gi him bun wid thee doctor him turn idiot

Nicola a wanda how much screw him loose

Jermaine him too fake… Wolf in sheep clothing. Test the spirit and be aware.

I have been saying this ever since this clown did a song called “Pokemon” Lady saw beat him to the draw. He is just a opportunist, now that he can’t find a good song. #Enexile #ChristFlow #RisingToTheTop #FindMyEay

True words Sara Jane