Nature Ellis “Bout Yah” song Review

Mi nuh really wah fi lef from bout yah… After some unusual sounds and a great introduction the song begins with catchy  lyrics, ‘Come ketchy, come ketchy, come ketchy eh style’ and then it  is all about the hardships faced in Jamaica telling about the life of the poor and the lack of opportunities and the stress, the song is just right for Nature’s voice, as he sings from his heart about the struggle in every way.

Added to the nicely written lyrics the Reggae beat is just right, with the base and other sounds, perfectly blended. Even though Nature Ellis sings about all the different issues that Jamaicans face every day, like the Lotto scamming and the injustice the Jamaicans face every day. He manages to keep the song sounding good. 

It is still a tune that makes you want to dance and enjoy yourself. As Nature sings about not giving up on his dreams even though life is not perfect in Jamaica, and he really thinks he should pack up and leave the island, even though there are things that are still great here and leaving might not be an easy thing to do. So this song will give you a lot to think about as you dance to the sweet Reggae beat and enjoy yourself.

We predict that this song will really help to boost the career of the artiste ‘Nature’ and help him to make it to the next level as a Dancehall Reggae Artiste. As music lovers will surely enjoy listening to this track.

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