NATURE Recalls Sumfest Performance

International Night 1 of Reggae Sumfest will be long remembered by Sumfest patrons as a night of wonderful performances. Downsound recording artiste Nature who performed in the opening segment of the show delivered a performance that clearly shows why he is hailed by music industry insiders and music fans as one of the bright new stars in reggae. Coming onstage after Droop Lion who delivered a strong performance, Nature knew he had to come good to please the sizeable audience gathered inside the Catherine Hall Entertainment Centre, most of who were seeing him for the very first time.

Introduced onstage by MC Elise Kelly, Nature appeared onstage decked out in a designer suit that helped to fuel his star presence. Aided by the Blow Wow Band and his backup singers he sang his way into the hearts of patrons. His 20 minute set was unpredictable and charged with spiritual energy as he delivered mixture of originals such as Trying Man, Waiting Time and Dennis Brown’s For You.

One of the many highlights of his performance was when he paused from singing to reason with the audience.

“I bought three bibles out of my pay from Sumfest to give to three people here tonight, because I put Jah over all things including my career. As a singer I can lose my voice and still have a lot, but if you lose the love of Jah you’ve lost everything,” Nature said to the crowd.

Nature also showed his versatility by playing the guitar as he delivered an acoustic version of the Tracey Chapman original, Revolution, which went over well with the audience.

With a powerhouse performance of his single, World Peace, he sent a strong message to war and crime by placing a mic stand in the middle of the stage and announced to the crowd: “People let’s pretend that this mic stand is crime and I have the one opportunity to rid the world of it.” Then with a strong flying kick, the mic stand was sent flying across the stage much to the delight of the patrons.

It was as if he could do no wrong as his every gesture, every song and every move onstage went over well with the audience as they lapped up every minute of his performance.

In an interview after his performance, Nature said that he was very happy with the response he received from the crowd.

“This is one of the greatest festivals in the world if not the greatest and to come here and perform and get such a positive response from the crowd it makes me feel very good. I am very happy about the support I got from the audience,” Nature said.

Adding, “I rehearsed and prepared for this show a lot and once the MC called my name I knew I had to hit the stage and give the people all I have and that’s what I did. From here on, the plan is to just keep on improving and keep on making and singing more good music for the people.”

International Night 1 of Reggae Sumfest took place on Friday, July 26 at the Catherine Hall Entertainment Complex in Montego Bay.

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