HEMP HIGHER PRODUCTIONS & ONE MOTION MUSIC are proud to present MASICKA’s brand new single: Karma. Most of you will by… now be familiar with MASICKA’s works, as his career is blossoming in jamaica and abroad with new releases every week – he is by far one of the most productive artists on the scene and his lyrical abilities and capacity to release songs every day is putting him in place to be one of the next big names to flourish on the international dancehall – reggae scene

The title of his new single is quite self-explanatory about the themes and issues that the young jamaican sensation chooses to focus on in this new song (releasing today: FRIDAY DEC 14TH on itunes).

Just as his last single produced by HEMP HIGHER: “Why me a work” – “Karma” is a reality based conscious song in which MASICKA sings about being in different situations that happen in everyday life, and their outcomes – reminding people that “what goes around… comes right back around”.

Additionnal backing vocals on the track were laid down by Europe’s latest singing sensation RANDY VALENTINE on a heavy hip-hop & reggae influenced beat composed, mixed and produced by Riga.

itunes link:

“Why me a work” Official video link:

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