New Upcoming Reggae Dancehall Artist “Strykk”‏

Aljuaero was born in, May Pen Jamaica, on October 5, 1986, in the rural parish of Clarendon; Strykk earned his future stage name from friends who were so impressed with his sharp reasoning skills. That’s how he came across his name “Strykk” A wise man once said that a talented youth is never honoured in his own town. And so it has been with “Strykk”. While the young veteran DJ’s words and works long ago earned him the name “Strykk” the respect and honour that should
rightfully be his have been a long time coming.

“Anytime you try to uplift righteousness and upliftment of the people them, then you’re going to get a fight” – Strykk

“Bob Marley came and do it and they fight him. And when Bob Marley died, that’s when they start to endorse him. I already aware of this, I am not unaware. So I know the more they try to fight me is the more I’ll get stronger” – Strykk

In the fast-moving world of dance-hall reggae, fame and success are hard to obtain and easy to lose. Fans can be fickle, and trends change in the blink of an eye, leaving most entertainers with painfully short career spans. Only a few can remain relevant from year to year while holding their audience’s attention and leaving them crying for more. His lyrics are deep, precise, and thoughtful. His stage shows are nothing less than dynamic, explosive performances. But his
remarkable staying power and longevity may be STRYKK’S greatest gift

Musical Influences include;
Jemineye A.K.A Imotion, Assassin A.K.A Agent Sasco, Vybz Kartel, Mavado,
I-Octane, Stacious, Sizzla, Etana Beenie Man, Nuju Banton, Bounty Killer, Real
Youth & Queen Ifrica

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