Ninja Man Attacks Ishawna “stop chat up your big idiot mouth likkle girl” for Miss Lou [Video]

Watch this recorded video stream as Ninja Man Diss Ishawna stop chat up your big idiot mouth likkle girl Miss.Lou table cloth comment.

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Ishawna is wrong point blank. All a the likkle Dunce them a back the foolishness. Is not what she said its how she said it and she is wrong. And all who saying them never know Ms. Lou or the Bandana a the biggest dumb idiot dunce bats for admitting… Read more »

U certainly watch Vegas clip and jus repeat him… How can u not think this is important. How can u b ok with this young gyal disrespecting Jamaican heritage and a call herself Jamaican! How u mean… a important tings dat😠

It hurt mi soul to hear how ishawna and her followers behave as if a board head them have

Just calm down.. All we are saying is for u to just study your last name some more

Miss Louis Bennett is every body in Jamaica mother whether u old or young this cultural icon she was one of the ladies in the village who raise all the kids , for me “a I am sorry I meant no harm ” speech from ishawna would’ve done the trick… Read more »