Ninja Man says Upcoming Artistes are into “gimmicks instead of lyrics”

Dancehall entertainer Ninjaman in an recent interview blasted several young upcoming artiste who have resorted to “gimmicks instead of lyrics” to get noticed.

“There are a lot of scammers in the music business; is not just people who a scam others ah foreign. Is a music scamming a gwaan now, and some a dem would do anything to get famous,” said Ninja man.

“Alkaline can’t trick me, because I act a lot of movies and contacts are used especially in horror movies to enhance a person’s character. Alkaline would have to tell me how much hours it take and show me the doctor who did the process. The doctor would have to tattoo another eye too. Some ah dem man ya just no wa satisfy with what God give dem, but me waan tell them say, ‘don’t make hype make you do things that is uncalled for. Inna the long run, you ago hurt you own self,’” Nigga Man Added.

Controversial dancehall acts such as Alkaline and Singjay have reportedly tattoo their eyes black.

Nigga man also blasted Dancehall artiste Furtyle Brain for surgerically implanting horns in her head.

“All man with horn in him head; if him fall down… his head in more danger, cuz all it take is a drop or* sum’n fi him crack him skull,” said Ninja man.

The artiste also took time out to leave some advice for the upcoming acts “lyrics must have to be a great artiste. Di thing weh bring you up inna music isproper lyrics, proper performance, and good entertainment,” he said.

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