Ninja Man has come out in defense of female artiste Stacious

Dancehall icon Ninja Man has come out in defense of female artiste Stacious after she was lyrically attacked by dancehall… artistes Twin of Twins in a recent recording.

The female deejay was strongly chastised by the twins after she had previously made comments in her single Talk that Tony Matterhorn defeated them at Sting 2011 and they blamed it on liquor.

According to Ninja Man, Twin of Twins should direct their energy towards defending their honour at this year’s staging of Sting instead of picking on females.

“Dem fi guh look war wid man and stop pick pon female artiste. Tony Matterhorn is a selector and him kill dem suh dem fi guh kill him back and get back dem career and stop fight woman. If dem nuh have nothing betta fi duh dem can guh clash wid some comedian then,” Ninja Man said.

The veteran deejay said that females are marginalised in the dancehall and should get more support from the males instead of being targeted negatively.

“We need more strong women in the dancehall and wi nuh waah nuh more man a try push dem over. Mi defend woman at all levels. Me same one did defend Spice when dem did box har. If yu diss Spice mi a guh defend it, if yu diss D’Angel mi a guh defend it, suh when di woman dem a try mek something positive with dem life and dem career, don’t belittle them,” Ninja Man said.

The artiste also said he himself would not challenge Twins of Twins in a lyrical battle as they are not on his level.

“If dem flip up mi just send Predator or General Trees guh deal wid dem mek dem know sey fi be careful and leave the woman dem alone. Mi nuh clash wid likkle deejay,” he said.

Ninja Man also issued a warning for self-proclaimed King of the dancehall, Beenie Man.

“Beenie Man need fi give a world-wide apology to Shabba Ranks else him haffi guh deal wid mi. Mi a guh tek the crown offa him head and give it back to King Yellow Man and tek back the Doctor from him and give it back to Early B. Yellow Man is the king of dancehall, none of the accolades wey Beenie Man have di people dem neva give it to him,” Ninja Man said.

In response to the Twins verbal assault in their song, Stacious said their negative response was unexpected. According to the female deejay, they heard the song in its early stages and said it was good.

“I didn’t expect that the Twins would find it insulting because they heard the song at a stage show and they said it was bad, so hearing their response and the degrading way in which it was done was very strange,” she said.

Following the Twins’ song, Stacious has also recorded a song unleashing her own form of assault back at them. The song has an introduction that features Ninja Man.

“Ninja is an icon and war and clash is his thing. He is the best at that. I called him and told him about the situation. when he heard the song, he went straight to the booth and spoke his mind in one track,” she said.

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