Ninja Man in Court Again

Ninja Man the Jamaican dancehall legend, who is also known as Desmond Ballentine, will be back in court on November 28, as his murder case has not ended. He has been in and out of the Home Circuit Court in Kingston for a number of years, for a murder charge, which involves his son.

The case has caused him to be losing out on a lot of opportunities, as he has travel restrictions and he is unable to perform at many events outside of Jamaica. This is causing Ninja Man to be very frustrated as his career is badly affected when he is not able to travel as he did before. Sources close to the artiste has revealed that he is anxious to get the case over and done with, because it is affecting his life in a bad way. “There is hardly any work in Jamaica for an artiste, because mostly parties keep, and the few promoters don’t pay much.” The legal fees for the case is, costing a lot and it has been 8 years since the trial started.

Ninja Man who is currently working on a new Album, revealed that the case was recently transferred to a special court, that deals with cases that are older than 5 years old, but it is likely that he will get a new court date when he goes to court in November. 

This case has been causing a lot of frustration, because the witnesses are not in court sometimes and it seems as though there is always a reason to postpone the trial. This all started with the the murder of Richard Johnson, in the Mall Road area of Kingston. But Ninja Man is hoping it will end soon, as it is hard to see a drastic cut in earnings and high legal fees, when he still has no way of finding out when the trial will end.

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