Ninja Man Opposed To Conjugal Visits: “Give Prisoners Work & Let Them Open Bank Accounts”

Veteran dancehall artiste Ninja Man is against the idea put forward by National Minister Robert Montague for prisoners to receive conjugal visits.

The Minister recently announced that plans are being put in place for prisoners to be given conjugal visits as part of an effort to “humanise” prisoners.

However, according to Ninja Man, the government needs to find means and ways to get jobs for the prisoners as that will go a far way in humanising them and ease the burden off taxpayers.

Ninja Man also argued that such a system could lead to a number of other problems, including unwanted pregnancies and a rise in single parent families with lack of financial support.

He suggested opening bank accounts for inmates and having proposed salaries disseminated between those accounts, with some money going to their families.


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A de realest thing de man chat

Mi sey the same damn ting NINJA!!! Conjugal visits mi backside …. how about education work skills ugh???

Him betta stfu nuh him yaad him soon gone bk

he dam right…lol