Ninja Man Reveals That He Was Hooked On Coke For 10 Years

After news surfaced that iconic reggae singer George Nooks was charged with cocaine possession, veteran entertainer Ninja Man has revealed he took cocaine for 10 years.

In an interview with The Star Nija man says the habitual use of cocaine was a serious problem back in their days.

“It was a serious problem in our days, and it eat out people brain. I spent 10 years smoking cocaine, and I saw what it was doing to people so I stopped. It wasn’t because of no stress in the music business. It was just the thing to do at the time, and I am a mad man so mi just do it. It was holding back my career and some artiste used to lead me. From mi stop smoke cocaine, I was able to take my rightful place in the music industry,” Ninja man said.

“Nuff artiste weh yuh hear seh dead from pneumonia, a cocaine kill dem. It is something that is addictive, and it was made to destroy the black man. If you sell cocaine, you are working for the devil, and if you are the customer, then it will lead you into the arms of the devil. Rum is also a serious thing that kills the brain cells,” he adds.

In the meantime Nooks is scheduled to face the court on May 17 to answer to the charges

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Daah who nuh know DAT

Looks like it

U still a dweet

Where is the news????….we all knew that

He is doing drugs he love it like good