Ninja Man says Flexx and others are jealous of Kartel’s success!

Is Vybz Kartel success and the way he manages to keep on top a cause for envy among some entertainers in industry? It was recently that a fellow entertainer suggests, “that it is unfair for Kartel is in prison and getting so many air play locally while many other artiste are out there working hard and not getting air played.”

In an exclusive interview with Rolling Stone Vybz Kartel speaks from behind bars through his Attorney, Tom Taveres Finson.

He denied recording in prison and as reported by Rolling Stone he states that “I’ve always been a prolific songwriter, and I record at breakneck speed as well, so I have a lot of surplus material to choose from,” Kartel tells Rolling Stone. “There is a recording studio at another correctional facility [in Jamaica] but none here … cellphones, laptops, or any Internet-capable instrument are prohibited items.”

While other entertainers are unwilling to comment on the issue maybe after seeing the backlash that Flexx received following his opinion given on a particular question that was posed during a recent interview ER, Veteran D.J. Ninja Man has held back.

As reported by the Star, Ninja Man says that “some a di man dem hate him because dem feel like seh him deh behind bars and still have the power of running dancehall in the streets. Nuff a dem have a whole heap a negative energy toward Kartel, so dem don’t want to seh anything and go seh the wrong thing,” he said

With regards to Kartel alleged move from Horizon to GP Ninja Man pointed out that, “as an artiste, fi Kartel go a GP is a better situation,” he said. “Him have more chances fi do him work because you have studio inna di General Penitentiary. You have schools, you have radio stations, everything. The only thing is that if the Government seh him not supposed to record, him nah go can record.” He told the Star

Can we therefore, look forward to the “World Boss” recording from prison?

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a real talk Ninja man

Realest medz

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