UPDATED: NinjaMan’s gay son rumoured to Marry PNP Mp… See Pics

SEEMS like things are off for now…


We have been tipped that iconic Dancehall entertainer Ninjaman’s estranged son will be getting married to a known PNP male mp soon. See picks of the couple hanging out below. Also one of ninja Son’s friend poses for pic.

ninja man son and png mp

ninja sun hgay


For the past week or so one of the major stories that has been creating a buzz in the dancehall space, is a video with dancehall legend Ninjaman’s son parading in a PNP rally, looking like a gay and rolling with what seems to be gay friends.
To most persons this was a surprise, having not heard of this before, yet knowing so much about Ninjaman. Ninjaman was also asked about his son and his response was that this man(his son) is curse and he don’t have anything to do with him, Ninjaman also went on to say that everyone should live their life however they want to , but never hesitate to point out that he has been distancing himself from this gay son.

ninjaman son gay 2016

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