No Highlight For Me? Forgotten Hero In Trench Town Rescue Wants Assistance For Others

Alphonso ‘Vivian’ Coombs a 26 -year-old resident of Trench Town says he has been left out all the praises for his role in helping the little boy from being swept to sea in the Trench Town community last Friday.

Reports are that Twelve-year-old Renaldo Reynolds, a student of Jones Town Primary, was on his way home from school when he and friends decided to play in the gully’s rushing waters. He, however, got into difficulties and was swept away by the current.

In an interview with Loop Coombs said, “right now I am here with mixed emotions, I am the person who pulled Brown from the gully and held on to him for several minutes before help came.”

According to Coombs, he was on his way from work when he saw what was taking place and ran nearly a quarter of a mile to get to where a weary looking Brown was clinging to a branch with Reynolds on his back and that’s when he held on to them until further help came.

“I am not demanding a lot, I am a father of six; I am just saying we hearing of the help coming out to Brown and we are happy that another youth from the community was able to help another, but we just feel the assistance can be offered to other persons in the group who also played a role,” Coombs said in the interview with Loop.

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You are no hero but just a mere opportunist that saw a loophole to benefit from,some of you people talk about you helping other people but their minds are hell bent on making a profit.all a you talking about unuh poor if uno ever lift up your thoughts you would… Read more »

Bad mind smh

Hope dem no do the poor boy ntg cuz a god bless him a fi him time trust that him deserve it

Just saw in Loop that both got recognition from Butch Stewart and son…Free vacation at Sandals👍🏽

Joan Russell We know😙