No Jamaica Jazz and Blues festival in 2016

The highly-anticipated Jamaica Jazz and Blues festival, which each year boasts the biggest name in music internationally, has been cancelled for 2016.

According to the event’s website, the festival is postponed until 2017 when the festival will celebrate its 20th anniversary.

Event organizers used Facebook to apologize to fans explaining why the festival wasn’t being held in 2016.

“We really tried to make 2016 a reality, however, things just did not work out,” read a post from Jamaica Jazz and Blues on Facebook.

“Therefore, instead of trying to push and stage a festival that would not be of our usual standard, we decided to postpone it,” they added.

However, the event organizers promised patrons that they would not disappoint when they returned in 2017.

The Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival usually attracts an audience of 15,000t o 20,000 and was originally established to boost visitor arrivals to the island during the tourism slow season.

The festival was formerly known as the Air Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival.

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