Noface Unknown looks to end feud with Laden

Dancehall artiste Noface Unknown has made an appeal to his fans for peace after a video surfaced on youtube with a man claiming that Laden had sent him to “crush out Noface unknown”. Two videos from supporters of Noface Unknown then popped up on Instagram, and they declared in no uncertain terms that “no bwoy caan diss Noface Unknown.

The Tank Up deejay moved quickly to quell the rising tensions.
“Last night, I viewed a video last night with some youths from Montego Bay, but ah peace me a deal with, mi want the Mobay youths dem put down the gun, I know the streets are grimy but me and Laden nu inna no war, ah music me a do,” he said.

“Mi a try mek money fi get my mother outta the slum. As a people, we can live better than how we ah live, ah the system set us to live like animals. So ghetto youths, don’t believe the lie, set a different trend, believe in yourself, walk the right path, me do it, yu can do it too,” he said.

Last week, Noface Unknown, claimed that Laden had tried to steal his style of delivery. He even intimated that Laden is not on his level.

“Some bwoy deh try sing like Noface. Dem fi know seh a one Noface Unknown. Laden a try sound like mi. Mi a di real thing, youth. None a unno nuh bad like mi. Unno a go around and a knock over my rhythm and a try run in. A wah unno feel like? Yu think mi thing normal? Unno fi know, talk to unno boss enuh. Laden, yuh can’t sound like mi, yuh can’t bad like mi. A chemistry mi ting deh … . Mi done talk. No bwoy nuh bad like me. Suh if a war unno a try bring, dweet nuh and see a who a come pan di top,” he said.

Laden has responded to Noface Unknown in a youtube video during which he used several expletives and threw $100,000 on the ground claiming that he, Laden, was rich and that Noface was a “nobody”.

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