NYC Terror Attack: Mass Casualties After Truck Mows Down Crowd In ‘Halloween Attack’

AT LEAST eight people have been killed and numerous left people injured after a pickup truck drove the wrong way down a cycle path in a “cowardly” terror attack near the World Trade Center in New York’s Lower Manhattan according to US media reports.

New York City Police confirmed the truck, which appears to be a Home Depot rental van, drove onto a pedestrian and cycle path alongside the West Side Highway at full speed, hitting several people.

The truck then hit another vehicle, reported to be a school bus.

4 News reported the driver then allegedly screamed ‘Allahu Akbar’ and got out of the vehicle.

He was armed with two weapons and began running before being shot by police. The weapons later turned out to be imitation firearms.

An eyewitness told US media he heard about nine or 10 shots, but could not identify which direction they were coming from.

Other witnesses reported hearing gunshots near Stuyvesant High School, a top-ranked public New York City school, at around 3pm local time on Tuesday afternoon.

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Nikki Harris