“Odd Numbers” by @Ssickly_Unit1 [#Reggae #Dancehall #Mixtape]

Ssickly PRESENTS “Odd Numbers” Mixtape. Why the name ‘Odd Numbers’? To be ‘odd’ is generalised as being not of the norm; diverting from the genetic paths of society. The songs on these are not your average type of Jamaican Music. I’ve realised that now a day’s music in Jamaican has nothing that is substantial. I like to makes songs that have meaning and that stimulate the brain. Download button yardhype I am tired of hearing the same type of songs every day. Music should be creative. And creative music is what I love to make. Extensive research has been done on songs that I record. ‘Odd Numbers’ reflects on my mind and the way I think. A weird individual that is actually a big fan of rap and rock music from that lifestyle an individual is proud to be different from the others of his generation. What does it entail? The mix tape portrays the use of English creole upon hip-hop and reggae influenced rhythms thus enabling a style of hip-hop and reggae dancehall. The instrumentals are mainly hip-hop influenced and are of acoustic and piano nature. All songs on this mix tape bring a positive energy and will soothe the ears of the listeners. Creativity has been used with lyrics, rhythm and energy. Skits are also included.

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