Oral Tracey defeats Pretty Boy Floyd in All-Star Face-off

The STAR and Magnum All-Star Face-off saw high energy last Thursday with Oral Tracey defeating Pretty Boy Floyd in fine style, using all his known talents and resources.

Tracey, who lost the coin toss, was sent in to play first. Dressed in full army attire including a war helmet, he made his intentions known by playing several war songs aimed at Floyd and his DJ. Songs like Full Clip by Busy Signal, Real McCoy by Mavado and Talk To Dem by Bounty Killer received roars of approval as Tracey had the audience eating out of his hands. “Nuh man nuffi a call demself pretty, low dat to Miss Kitty,” he advised Floyd, while the audience broke into laughter.

Following Oral Tracey’s impressive set, it was clear that Pretty Boy Floyd would have a lot of work to do if he expected to win the round. He received favourable response for his entrance dressed in African attire. However, his selections did not live up to the same hype.

“Yu come out ya dressed inna yuh borrowed army suit, mi a guh kill this chatty, chatty boy,” he said and played Bob Marley’s Time Will Tell, whichreceived a humble response, much like the rest of his set. At the end of the round, Oral Tracey was given the winners nod by all three judges.

For the 45 round, Tracey started his second effort with a jingle from TVJ’s Dorraine Samuels. The veteran news anchor read “Popular comedian Pretty Boy Floyd was found dead”. The audience loved the humour and Tracey followed up with Bushman’s Call The Hearse, which also received a strong response. He followed up with Cyah Buy Wi Out by Busy Signal and I-Octane’s Nuh Wear Boy Clothes. However, the climax of the round came when he said, “Nuh boy cyah buss nuh bump inna mi face” and played Beenie Man’s Red Red Red.

Pretty Boy Floyd responded to Tracey’s critique of his name, stating that it was loved by the females, unlike Oral’s name, which represented his preference of oral activities. He then played Popcaan’s Bad People, Big Man A Big Man by Vybz Kartel among others. His effort was still nowhere close to surpassing that of Tracey’s. Again the judges ruled against Floyd.

The deciding dub-for-dub round was next and Oral Tracey started strong with Bounty Killer’s Man A Badman. Floyd responded with an old-school artiste and also received a decent response. However, Tracey’s rendition of George Nooks’ Don’t Cry dubplate stole the show. Floyd, who noticeably performed better in this round, went for artistes like Nitty Kutchie and Super Cat.

Floyd, also won over some new crowd support during his dub-for-dub onslaught. However, his success was a bit too late as Oral Tracey was miles ahead. It came as no surprise to the audience when the judges ruled in his

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