Patrick Powell Begs Judge For Leniency ‘Have mercy you are god’

Businessman Patrick Powell is currently on trial in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court after he was charged following allegations that he refused to hand over his licensed firearm to the police, who were probing the July 2011 murder of Khajeel Mais, for which Powell was charged but was acquitted last October.

According to an Observer report, Powell testified to the courts this morning (June 15) that he never refused to hand over his firearm but he was in custody and had the right to remain silent.

“In 2011, I never refused to turn over my firearm for inspection because I was in custody and have the right to remain silent, your honour. I never refused even in the absence of my lawyer all I did was insist that whenever I was to be questioned that my lawyer were present,” Powell told Judge Vaughn Smith in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court per Observer.

“My lord, this is your courtroom, you are god in here, may you have mercy,” Powell asked at the end of his testimony begging the judge for leniency.

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For real

Over foolishness the Bible say the fool n his money shall likewise perish

U didn’t think about your actions a womans son a brother a friend a relative a perso. Have been killed n u r still alive your day is coming god nah sleep n i speak without apology. U rob a young man of his life n now u asking for… Read more »

Lock him up n throw away the dam keys

Yuh seet unfair game play twice.