‘Peter Tosh 420’ Cannabis Brand, formed by his family

The family of Reggae great, and longtime advocate for the legalization of marijuana – Peter Tosh, has used the day they set aside as International Peter Tosh Day and a day recognized globally for celebrating cannabis culture, to announce the launch of Peter Tosh 420.

Peter Tosh 420 is a company, formed with a main purpose to organically grow the Peter Tosh legacy by providing quality cannabis products for medicinal power, spiritual enlightenment and recreational enjoyment.

The company is a partnership between the family of Peter Tosh and music and entertainment industry veteran Brian Latture, and cannabis industry leader Steven Trenk of Lizada Capital, LLC. The coming together on this venture is geared to ensure a man who despite strong opposition, has proclaimed decades ago, the medicinal value of cannabis, capitalize on the current marijuana legalization movement.

“We are very excited to be partnering with Steven Trenk, who brings a wealth of experience and immediate industry credibility to our cause,”

said Mr. Latture, who manages the Peter Tosh brand and is Chief Executive Manager of the new venture, PT Capital, LLC.

“There are few names more synonymous with the Cannabis industry than that of Peter Tosh. I am just thrilled to be partnering with Peter’s family to take a marquee brand like Peter Tosh, who was literally the Godfather of the legalization movement, and spreading his message through Peter Tosh 420. The opportunity to work with the family of this great musician, who dedicated his life to human rights, represents a great honor for Lizada and myself.”

Mr Trenk adds.

Peter Tosh 420 Cannabis

The purpose of Peter Tosh 420 will not only to be about business, the company will also live up to the messages of Peter Tosh by committing to social good; sales from each product will go towards the Peter Tosh Foundation.

“This venture is not just about business, it is about spreading my father’s message of equal rights and justice, while bringing what he believed was a sacred herb to the world and doing good deeds in the process,”

said Niambe McIntosh, daughter of Peter Tosh.

“We want Peter Tosh 420 to be a global force for doing good work, as we collectively believe my father would have wanted. We will support such issues as childhood education, social justice, equal rights, cannabis legalization, and other humanitarian causes,”

McIntosh adds.

No date yet as to when the Peter Tosh 420 line of cannabis products will go on the shelves.

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