Police Send Stern Warning To Artistes Posing With Guns In Music Videos

Stephanie Lindsay, is warning recording artistes against the practice of using guns as props in music their music videos.

Speaking to The Star Lindsay, head of the Corporate Communications Unit of the Jamaica Constabulary Force the practice is not a good representation of the music industry.

“The practice doesn’t depict a good image, and it can send a message of violence and lawlessness. If it is proved that these props are real guns, charges can be laid if permits were not issued. We are seeing that more and more people have been doing the practice, and we have taken note of it and are looking into some of them,” she said.

On the other hand, veteran selector Ricky Trooper, who lost the privilege to travel to the United States in 2010 after posing with what appeared to be a gun in a YouTube rant says that artistes are to be viewed as actors.

“They are props, and it depends on the song that they are promoting. International artistes do it all the time, but as usual, they try to blame dancehall music for everything. Gun props are nothing to be taken serious as long as no harm is being done to people,” he said.

Artistes like Dexta Daps, Masicka and Alkaline have used props resembling guns in the videos for songs like Owner, Infared and After All.

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We go have to ban all the movies them to look in to it

do something about west Kingston

Don’t we have a so called broadcasting commission

Unuh fi clean up unuh lifestyle.. Unuh corrupt like.. Unuh bagga bagga and corrupt. D way mi cyaa stand unuh mi affi sit down.

Gweh unuh fi gweh. Feel mi like unuh