Politician “Dwayne Vaz” bashed for using Vybz Kartel’s lyrics at Rally

Member of Parliament for Central Westmoreland Member of Parliament (MP), Dwayne Vaz, has been caught in a hail of public criticism after inserting inflammatory lyrics on stage at a People’s National Party (PNP) meeting in Mount Salem, St James on Thursday night.

In response to news that a PNP office – that of deputy mayor of Montego Bay, Michael Troup – had been destroyed by fire, Vaz at first said he would not cast any aspersion at the source of the fire, as it was not yet determined.

But, urged on by the crowd that “a dem do it’, Vaz, in a moment of euphoria, pumped up the introduction of a controversial Vybz Kartel song, Wah Dem Feel Like, which was done at the height of the now convicted entertainer’s bitter conflict with the Alliance camp, that called for the rolling out of “the bikes and cars” for gangsters to go defend their turf.

No real problem so far, except that in his introduction of the song, the MP, after declaring that it was only “baby strength dem have, a girl strength dem have,” veered dangerously off course in changing the lyrics of the song from: “Grants Pen, roll out the bike and car dem”, to: “MoBay, roll out di gu…”. Vaz’s abrupt halt after the ‘gu’ utterance appeared to have been a clear reference to ‘guns’ to defend the turf.

A least one electronic media house, Nationwide Radio, latched on to the statement, resulting in wide-scale condemnation of the utterance after it was carried on air. Vaz, in an interview, with the radio station, said he did not intend to say “guns” and apologised for appearing to do so. The MP, who admitted to being a Vybz Kartel fan, said he uses the song in question often at party functions to energise the crowd.

Vybz Kartel is now serving life imprisonment for the murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams and will not be eligible for parole for 35 years.

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