Popcaan Drops “Nuh Bwoy Can’t Box” Diss Track Aimed At Mavado & His Camp

Dancehall superstar Popcaan has released a diss track aimed at the Gullysquad following claims that member(s0 of his crew was beaten by members of Mavado’s camp.

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Popcaan you a baby leave gully alone

Popcaan fi go fix him water mouth n find a hit song, flap no rass

Stop fighting stop the competing it’s getting us nowhere we need unity!!!

And one last thing aint nothing wrong with popcaan flow tell lame alkaline fi come wid some bad chune with lyrics same him a sing and sound the same pan every riddim…yuh nuh see seh him cah change up the thing like worldboss

Demani stfu battyman alkaline don’t do one shit bout king of dancehall he is nothing but a social media/youtube artist…tell him fi guh sting go clash and prove him coward self…kartel is the only king deh a prison fi 6 years and a duh better than every artist weh deh… Read more »