Popcaan turns-down Gaza Reunion!

The ‘Vybz School’ rhythm that was recently released by popular producer Zum of Good Good productions saw a reunification of incarcerated D.J Vybz Kartel gaza Camp. Some former member of the gaza empire was however, noticeably absent from the rhythm. They include founding member Deva Brat, Gaza Slim, Kim, Gaza Indu and former “Prefect” Popcaan.

According to Zum, “he wanted something different because everybody been going in the same direction. It’s been awhile since people heard the Gaza family, so mi decide to mek dem reunite and done,”

“I never got through to Deva Bratt, and Popcaan was being difficult, so I will leave it as that. I know this will be special because from mi post it online, the feedback has been very good” Zum Said

He adds. “Gaza made a strong print in dancehall and they were one of the first groups to make their own rhythms and deejay on it as a group. They had the support of the street and people just generally love Gaza vibe.”

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