Popular Jamaican Actor Paul Campbell Gives Up Smoking After Recovering From Heart Attack

Popular Jamaican actor Paul Campbell is counting his blessings following a heart attack earlier this month.

The incident happened while the actor was at his Florida residence, just a week before the passage of Hurricane Irma.

Campbell, in an interview with The Sunday Gleaner, expressed gratitude for the gift of life, as he described his experience as a close call with death.

“I was very lucky,” he told The Sunday Gleaner, as he recounted the events of that day. “I was at home and I started feeling the effect of what I now know was a heart attack., the tightening of the chest, cold sweat and the next thing I know, my body was shutting down.”

The internationally acclaimed actor said that he was home alone when he started feeling strange and decided to call 911, a move he believes saved his life.

“I felt my entire body just shutting down. My breathing became laboured, stuff around me became dark, and I knew it was serious, so I figured 911 would be the best move,” he said. “When I came to, 911 was there, and I was literally rushed to the hospital. I was there (in the hospital) for several days.”

The entertainer said that he was told by the team at Florida Medical that the heart attack was caused by a number of reasons, including smoking, a habit he has since kicked to the curb.


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Yes mi G. Stop smoke and live !!

u can do it Paul

Congratulations capone

Yes sah no sah weh di blotclaat u seh boy dwl my actor thank GOD u r OK.

Live good