Posh Takes Her Music To Another Level

POSH is a female reggae artist Born on February 5th; she grew up in the community of Vineyard Town then later moved to Portmore, St. Catherine. Posh developed an interest in music at an early age. She participated in the Jamaican Cultural Development Commission competitions and was awarded, gold, silver and bronze medals in different caterogies. With clear direction and focus, Posh continued along her career path by studying performing arts at Excelsior Community College and Edna Manley School of Visual and Performing Arts.

She has been recording professionally for about 5 years and was a contestant in the Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall 2009 series. She received great exposure to the music scene and became a household name. Posh has since then performed on a number of shows in which she displayed effortless showmanship with commanding presence. (clips of Posh’s performances can be found on her you-tube channel Poshmusic100).
The very determined and gifted female artist is is working twice as hard to show the world how talented she is. On the ‘’Black bottle Riddim’’ Posh’s song “Go fi di paper” displayed her trademark skills, with witty lyrics. “Summer Summer” is a clear example of marking her territory in the industry while displaying versatility. The track explains the beauty of her country Jamaica and also talks about how locals and tourists bask in the ambiance of a Jamaican summer experience. This project received uncountable air rotation and televised rotation which has left the expectation for another project from Posh and her team on a high.

Posh’s latest hottest single on the DUTTY GYAL Riddim is called ‘’Touch all night’’ is produced by DJ FRANKCO. Here again posh rocked the riddim with sytle,melody and energy. Posh says this project is a big step for her career because this topic is one not many could write subjectively but yet so descriptive and graphic. Her next single is expected to be realeased in a couple of weeks on the “Tip Ova Riddim” titled ‘’Sum Gyal”.Another song to be released is called ‘’Badmind’’ .Videos will be shot for song mentioned and songs to come.

Posh definitely means business, she is molding her future to past the peak of the mountains, by doing day and nights, extensively long hours in the studio which she calls home. The world is yet to see how powerful she is and the passion she has for the music and how involved she is in the production behind the brand Posh. Persons who have seen this Diva in action says she is mind-blowing, captivating, and lyrical and has a balance of her personality and energy mixed to give patrons their money’s worth at events.

Posh is definitely an artist whose artistic craft speaks for it’s self. Determination, charisma, good works ethics, personality, style and a dash of intelligence are qualities that a star should have, and Posh posses all.
Posh has shown her continued versatility in her well refined art of music over the past years. And has continued to deliver a number of singles with exceptional variety, she has with no doubt proven herself to be an artist for all to keep their eyes on.
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