Prime Minister Andrew Holness Responds To Suggestion, Vybz Kartel Should Be Ban

Prime Minister Andrew Holness have voice his opinion on Lisa Hanna’s recent suggestion that Vybz Kartel music to be banned from local air waves.

“We have a liberal democracy’, we can’t escape that. And the society is not one that brooks any argument about censorship. We are not a society that holds heavily to censorship.

“In other societies, you go and you watch the movies and it is not just dancehall, it’s just general. You have hip hop, you have rap music; we are just bombarded with things that have different moral perspectives.,” Holness said, according to Jamaica Observer.

“But, if you have a well-educated society that can place these things in context, and say this is art, this is from one’s own belief, it’s not what I necessarily believe, or I know that what this person is saying is wrong, then your society can survive that.,” He added.

In the meantime, Vybz Kartel is anticipating his appeal and his legal experts have argued that Vybz Kartel has a good chance of winning his appeal and have his murder conviction overturn given the numerous problems with the case including evidence tampering and witness intimidation.

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He says it’s #Art n if we have an #Educated Society that can believe these things he’s saying are Art we shouldn’t have a problem! We have movies, #HipHop music n #Dancehall. ….basically he’s saying there’s nothing wrong with his music ppl just need to be Educated. ……#GazaNationFWB

Eeh how Dem fi try separate the blood from the heart , music is Herat kartel is the blood !!!!!

They have other issues that can be talk about in parliament,build more cultural centers more after school program leave the artist alone false imprisonment they did

La Seco Collie the police have no case they went as far as to get their own to testify against him which is against the law they have no weapon the only thing they have is hearsay they try to rush everything together and mess up everything

wat did andrew say about dem baning di world boss music from ear play