PRISON ROMANCE: Inmates To Be Allowed Conjugal Visits

Robert Montague, Minister of National security, recently indicated that local prison inmates could be allowed conjugal visits.

The minister announced the new policy while addressing the Jamaica 55 Diaspora Conference in Kingston on Monday.

Montague is of the view that allowing inmates to have sexual relations with their partners will ultimately have a positive impact on the correctional system.

In the meantime, the minister expressed that a number of initiatives are being put in place to help rehabilitate inmates. There has also been a reclassification of prisoners to separate hardened criminals from low-level offenders.

The issue of overcrowding is also being remedied by creating more space for prisoners within the facilities.

The minister also revealed more prisoners have been put to work, pointing to the fact that two of the meals that are provided for the prisoners each day include mostly food that is produced by the inmate population.

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Who could get me to go in the prison to have sex with my “husband” or “man”.. If he wanted sex from me he would not be in there.. No minister no thanks.. You better go in there and let your mate(s) come please yuh.. Kmt..

Conjugal visit is arranged for “married” people in a number of countries… The minister did not even say its for everyone.. We are too quick to respond to head lines and not the article

It’s going to shove a wave of fatherless unwanted children in the nation which will be guided and steered by criminals

Thank u mr. I mean, the nerve of these people to even consider it.

Stupid!!! Stupid!!! Stupid!!!! When they procreate as a result who takes care of that kid? Eventually my tax money.. I have nooo time for this stupidity. Kindly kick it out through the door quickly