Producer Demanding That Mr Vegas Pay US$20,000

Veteran dancehall producer Shane ‘Shines’ Richards is demanding that Mr Vegas pay him US$20,000, claiming that the 90s Black Widow rhythm, of which he was the executive producer, was sampled by Mr Vegas on his single called Champagne Rose. The single was produced by Clevie of iconic duo Steely and Clevie, and was expected to be featured on Mr Vegas’ most recent studio album called Sweet Jamaica. However, because of the dispute over the rhythm, the song was axed from the album. composition process Shines, who has held a low profile in dancehall in recent times, is claiming that his rights was infringed and Mr Vegas needs to pay up. However, Clevie says the rhythm is a remake and Shines has no ground to stand on. “The ownership of the Black Widow rhythm in terms of its composition is all Steely and Clevie. We composed and performed the rhythm track. It was recorded at our studio in 1998,” he said. According to the producer, Shines was the executive producer, but had no hand in the composition process. “Shines had nothing to do with the composition of the track. He owns the master because he was the executive producer. All he did was manage the production, but didn’t compose it. We have helped a lot of producers over the years, even voiced their artistes and they only handle the executive part,” Clevie said. Clevie also explained that a sample is different from a remake. “Mr Vegas wanted to do a song on the rhythm. So I beat it over and Shines thought it was sampled which is why he is claiming that his rights were infringed. But it wasn’t, because the rhythm is a remake, and I made the original. If BMW wants to make over the BMW car you can’t sue them. I just checked EMI and I am on the right track,” the producer says. Clevie also disclosed that he spoke with both Mr Vegas and Shines on three-way, seeking to rectify the situation. According to Clevie, US$20,000 is way too much and only the lawyer will end up winning. “That is just ridiculous, because the song has not generated that amount of capital. I don’t even know why he is trying to blow this out of proportion. I even found out that I was not credited for some of the work I did for Shines in the past, so he would more likely be in hot water. But I am not prepared to do that,” he said. Shines on the other hand believes he is right on point with his actions. He also says the song is still being streamed on the album on some outlets. “Really it is up to my attorney Gary Adelman. The infringed sound recording is still being distributed by VPal, which I have served a 20 day notice to remove the sound recording Champagne Rose,” he says. statutory damages “It is within my rights to request any sum of money. Title 17 USC copyright code, states that infringement claims can start from $750.00 – $150,000 for statutory damages. I tried to settle this rational and civil. But, MV music was hiding the truth only disclosing one digital retailer out a total of 41 digital retailers,” Shines said via e-mail. A release from Mr Vegas’s publicist at MV Music, stated that the artiste removed Champagne Rose from his album because he didn’t want his project to be aligned with negative energy. MV Music also said they were praying for Shines because he made a strong contribution to the music industry in the past. Clevie is expected to release projects with Chronixx, Oshen and Ed Robinson. Bookmark and Share

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