Promise No Promises – A Just Herb Officer [OMV]



Walshy Fire and Ziggyblacks Productions presents “A Just Herb Officer” official video.


I got no weapons under my clothes, officer

I got no weapons inna my car

So I don’t know what you searching for, Officer

A just one stick of herbs ,

A couldn’t this mek you a loose your nerve.

After the success of the first single and video “Draw We Out” released last September from his debut album “No Can Do”.

Kobla Mentor aka “Promise No Promises” is ready again with another big one with the release of the official video for “A Just Herb Officer” the second single from “No Can Do”, the single was released worldwide on January 15th and digitaly distributed by to Zojak

on all digital music platforms.

“A Just Herb Officer” has already garnered much attention and already racked up thousands of plays on Soundcloud, the song itself is very much worthy of being a lead single in itself.

Promise: We’ve set the bar very high with “Draw we out”, by the way we conveyed the message of the song, so the aim was to do the same again with “A Just Herb Officer”, we tried to make it as real as possible, no embellishment, no over acting, “just realness seen”.

The video touches on a lot of the misconceptions about “Weed” and also the unfair treatment of individuals who smoke a “Splif” or use for medical and spiritual purposes, with lines like “Nuff man a jail a do some real time, and we know dem never really do nuh real crime

Fe a one likkle spiff of the marijuana

Them a sit down in a the pen a do some real time.

This video is captivating from start to finish, there is a bit of everything, slight humour, social issues, friendship, just as the lyrics of the song. The video shot & directed by Anderson A.T.A.

“A Just Herb Officer” Official video will be out via “Promise No Promises” vevo channel February 10th.

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