Queen Ifrica Addresses Ishawna “Tablecloth” Comment & Her ‘Equal Rights’ Song At Sumfest

Sharingbuttons]Queen Ifrica was in a militant mood during her performance at Reggae Sumfest in Montego.

She addressed the socio-economic issues affecting the country and blasted dancehall artiste Ishawna over the comment she made about Miss. Lou’s “Tablecloth” dressing. Queen Ifrica also tackled Ishawna’s ‘Equal Right’ song saying that the only equal rights she wants were to make more money like men and go “like weh di man dem a get to”.

On the high level of killing in Montego Bay and tackling Ishawna:

“157 people dead inna Montego Bay since the start of the year. Wednesday gone, six people dead inna 72 hours. Everything alright inna Jamaica? Everything nuh alright inna Jamaica. Suh di I dem need to know fi show appreciation fi di people dem who a fight fi dis down here. Marcus Garvey, Miss Lou, Bob Marley.

“When a likkle girl feel like shi can bright enough and big enough fi dis icon like Miss Lou, di I dem must mek di I dem voice loud in disagreement.

“Unless we who we are as a people, Queen Ifrica and some other artiste haffi guh stop sing bout yah, because unuh nuh respect di culture nuh more,” Ifrica said before singing Times Like These.

In the meantime, Queen Ifrica is endorsing her latest album Climb that was released back in March and debuted at #1 on the top of the Billboard Reggae chart.

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Mi tiad a dis blooooood claaat topic she nuh sorry ,n every body n dem granny bex ,,,peace plz

Jesus Christ lol hype fruta this getting Boeing now

Same way so, trust me you don’t have to question what is backing the woman who is stepping on our culture.

Yes!!! Loving our roots and culture, some women are stooping too low. They don’t value themselves, equal rights in the sense of pay for women. Some of us sell ourselves short……so disgusting.

A how it bun some a unu so step pan dem Queen ifrica some people two Lego them mouth suda make under dem foot bottom