Queen Ifrica to drop “CLIMB” album in 2017

One of Jamaica’s most conscious female songwriter, vocalist and social activists Queen Ifrica is expected to release her 3rd album title “Climb” in January 2017.

The album will be her second album released through VP Records following the release of Montego Bay 2009 (seven years ago).

The “daddy don’t touch me there” artiste has this time taken on a more global perspective on the track “I Can’t Breathe” that censures against ongoing police brutality in America; the ska flavored “Rebellion” name checks uprisings across several contintents that have secured rights and improved the lives of many marginalized individuals, a sentiment that’s reinforced on “Battlefield”, which warns “we never yield, its war on the battlefield, if you nah hear you ah go feel.”

“Maybe because of my patriotism I have tended to (lyrically) focus on Jamaica but I am evolving and on this album I am singing about struggles where ever people find themselves,” says Ifrica.

She begs forgiveness for infidelity on “All That I’m Asking”, and reminds females to respect their unswerving male partners on “Good Man”, both produced by Tony Rebel.

Queen Ifrica, began her career in 1995 after shining at a local talent contest in her hometown of Montego Bay, Jamaica. This eye-opening experience eventually led to major stage performances in her country including the esteemed Reggae Sumfest as well as a union with Tony Rebel’s Flames Crew in 1998.

With roots firmly secured in the Rastafarian faith, Queen Ifrica continues to embrace consciousness while she continues to appeal to the minorities and oppressed in our society through her music.

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