Quite Perry Hires Lawyer Following Foota Hype’s Statement

Popular selector turn producer Foota Hype could be slapped with a defamation lawsuit following his statements about Jamaican comedian Quite Perry.

In a recent video posted online, Foota Hype called for cops to investigate Perry following the brutal murder of fashion designer and stylist Dexter ‘3D’ Pottinger last Thursday.

According to a statement released by Perry’s manager Karen Clarke on Sunday, Perry refuted the claims while adding that he is now taking legal advice on the matter.

Public Notice From #QuitePerry #footahype

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how foota an la lewis an chat so yes every body know dexter an perry a gay how u know a perry kill him where u there wonder y ishawna left him rass make the man rest in peace that’s what he choose

Him never say him kill him.. Him say he was the last person he saw him with..

And the boy La Lewis fe get sue cz him mek it public seh a quietperry kill dexta sue out dem rass.

I’m not disagree wid foota hype.cz me no like batty boy.but foota never c the youth kill nobody so y him come up wid a allegation like tht

Thank you hun