Ragashanti Blast Ishawna For Disrespecting Miss Lou & Suggests A Public Apology

Popular talk show host Dr. Kingsley ‘Ragashanti’ Stewart has blast controversial deejay Ishawna for comments she made about Jamaican folk hero Miss Louise Simone Bennett-Coverley.

“Mi nuh dress inna tablecloth like Miss Lou #RipMissLou” Ishawna captioned on her Instagram a couple days ago

However, Ragashanti who had always defend the ‘Equal Rights’ singer has now lashed out against her and suggest that she makes a public apology.

“Ishawna mi always defend yuh…..tek nuff cussing fi yuh, but yuh cross di line ya soh B,” he wrote.

“Yuh jus cyaan have our esteemed, national treasure Ms Lou inna dem loose talk deh. Yuh wrong! Yuh might a goh say yuh neva mean it as a diss….but it sure come ova dat way.”

“I really don’t believe you fully understand the iconic significance, importance and history of Ms Lou….cause if you did you wouldn’t make that post with her name. Additionally, and importantly, the attire you referred to as “table cloth” is the official national costume of Jamaica, deliberately designed to not only represent folk Jamaica, but also encompasses our story from colonial oppression to liberation. And that’s why Ms Lou always wore that costume in her performances.”

“She didn’t have to, but did so to always proudly represent Jamaica. Hence, you disrespected a Jamaican national heroine and a very important national symbol.”

He continued by offering Ishawna some advice, “I’m not going to tell you what to do….but you may want to issue a press release with a SINCERE and HONEST apology.”

“It is strong people who apologize when they should. Bless up and stay strong same way,” he added.

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Foota old foot cloth a pass har place bout table cloth!! A search fi equal rights n justice innah bedroom. No bitch u are not a lady!

Ishawna fi gweh and stop duty up the woman clean clean name in a her dirty mouth

Anything to get spotlight and attention..but u need to think and understand yuself..kno when it’s goin too far.

delaney fairchild
delaney fairchild

she too bright bout tablecloth nuh because all she caah do a chat she caah never match up to miss lou. she is an idol to every Jamaican and ishawna u caah reach miss lou level caah u a nothing but faaaaat

Loving that! I Like Your Style-Solid https://t.co/HvEO7Jk7zs 7Riddims Productions #Spotify #dancehall #Reggae