Raging Fyah Leaves Everlasting Performance at Home… Heads to Europe and US

On June 25th, Reggae band Raging Fyah took the stage to a sold out crowd of eager patrons at Skyline Levels in Jamaica and delivered a memorable performance of songs from their 3rd studio album “Everlasting”.

The event was much anticipated by both their fans and reggae music lovers as Raging Fyah hadn’t performed on their beloved island in an extended time. In a recent interview with TVJ Entertainment Report’s (view interview HERE) Anthony Miller, the band explained that they hadn’t performed in Jamaica since the Wickie Wacky festival in 2015 “Since last December we haven’t performed in Jamaica, We’ve been out there doing the work”

By all accounts and rave reviews the band dominated the stage and had the crowd singing along to the sweet reggae sounds and melodious rhythms of the billboard charting album with the title track “Everlasting”, “Getting Dread”, “Dash Wata”, “Ready for Love”, “Raggamuffin” among other captivating songs.

As mentioned to Anthony Miller, “I think this is our best work so far there’s a song for everybody on the album” Leaving the crowd wanting more,Raging Fyah left an Everlasting musical impression.

As the band readies to head to Europe (July 1st, Feuhlingen, Germany, July 3rd Brussels, Belgium, July 8th, Zurich, Switzerland and July 9th, Płock, Poland) and their 19 dates U.S Tour, the reviews for “Everlasting” are pouring in to rave reviews, and have fans excited

“It’s definitely impossible to listen to this music in a bad mood; Raging Fyah’s catchy beats and lyrics are enough to put a smile on even the worst Scrooges out there.” – IndieBandGuru

“Everlasting, the third studio album from the Jamaican 5-piece Raging Fyah, breaks that mold, elevating the group into that same conversation of promising, young reggae revivalists from the Caribbean island that gave birth to the genre… Everlasting is an album that any lover of roots reggae will thoroughly enjoy. The vocals and instruments shine throughout, and the production level is top of the line.” – ThePier

“Everlasting is the name of their new masterpiece, and everlasting indeed is their music.. the connection is instant, deep and intimate. Listening to the 13 tracks included is like re-connecting with old friends.” Reggaeville


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