Raging Fyah Leaves US Fans with “Everlasting” Memories

Proudly debuting their third studio album “Everlasting” at #2 on the Reggae billboard charts, Raging Fyah took their musical message on the road to give thanks to fans and music lovers.

In July 2016, the self contained reggae band embarked on their 2016 Everlasting US Tour that took them from Washington DC, Boston, Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois, Nebraska, Minnesota, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada to California. Along the way Raging Fyah amassed a legion of new fans and Everlasting memories.

Their tour message was simple and uplifiting, “We try to show reality, but in a very positive way. Hope of a better tomorrow is important to all of us. They’re messages to keep us all grounded, but to push ahead too. We’re optimistic and we want to communicate that to uplift people and make them feel better about the world.”

Received to rave reviews, Raging Fyah amassed a legion of new fans along their way. “The culturally and generationally diverse crowd swayed to the familiar rhythms and themes of Raging Fyah’s roots reggae and were wooed by the commanding, and impressive, vocals of their lead singer. The band, as a whole, demonstrated first-class musicianship, sticking mostly to traditional reggae themes, incorporating the occasional dancehall synth effects for a few numbers. Throughout their set, Kumar invoked the magic of reggae music to connect with the audience.” – Derrick Lee for Blurred Culture

“The chemistry between band members and their individual connection to each song jolted out of their bodies throughout the night. Raging Fyah is a solid band of skillful musicians who feed off the crowd’s energy and seamlessly tailor the show to this give and take.” – Juliana Leal for ReggaeReflection

Speaking of the tour, the band truly humbled by the reception expressed their gratitude “We are thankful and blessed to be able to do and share what we love with the world. As much as we give to each show, the crowds gives back to us and we do not take that for granted. Thanks to the most high and to everyone who came to see us. Love is Everlasting”.
IMAGE from: Derrick Lee – Blurred Culture

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