Raheem Sterling Working On Music Video for Debut Single, 'Young Ghetto Star'.

English Premier League footballer Raheem Sterling has begun work on the music video for the debut single, ‘Young Ghetto Star’. The single, which was released last month under his record label Raheem Sterling Production, was written and performed by Sterling’s artistes, The Rizzing and Dotta Coppa. Scenes for the video were shot in and around Maverley, the community where Sterling was born. Along with the filming of the music video, Sterling says he has plans to renovate the Maverley Youth Community Centre/entertainment complex. According to the Liverpool winger, he is learning more about music and is happy he can contribute to the development of young talent. “I want to do some work with the community centre so that it can be used to develop the young footballers in Maverley. They have expressed that playing football on road destroys the footballs faster because of the asphalt, so I want to provide a better facility for them. Since entertainment is also one of my interests, I want the community centre to be able to cater to entertainment needs as well,” Sterling said. According to The Rizzing, working with Sterling has smooth sailing. “The balla good fi work wid man. We have chemistry and it’s working,” he said, noting that “the song sound good and it get over 5,000 views on YouTube since a week’s upload … not bad for young artistes.” The Rizzing revealed that working with such a high-profile public figure has its pros and its cons. “As an artiste that is being exposed by one of the biggest footballers in the world, mi haffi give thanks fi dat because a nuff man forget dem roots, but Sterling a real yout. Most times him busy though, because of the hectic football schedule. But that comes with the territory, di man a star balla. Suh we as the artiste have to just gwaan put een the work a yard,” The Rizzing said. The Rizzing and Dotta Coppa’s video shoot continues this week. However, like The Rizzing expressed, Sterling is a busy man. “I was supposed to be on the shoot yesterday but I had some other engagements. I am also leaving the island today. So we will postpone the filming of some of the scenes which I will be featured in until I return to Jamaica in a few days,” Sterling said. PV Records also assisted Sterling with the production of Young Ghetto Star. The Rizzing and Dotta Coppa were also part of the LIME all-island tour on the weekend, sharing the stage with the likes of Busy Signal.

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