Raine Seville set to host ‘Jus A Buss’… US TV show

Local singjay Raine Seville has added TV host to her resume, as she recently nabbed a spot on US-based CIN TV as the resident host for the station’s video show, ‘Jus A Buss’.

The show, which will be aired for 30 minutes weekly, will pay special attention to the development of new talent and will also be a platform to expose their videos to various cities such as New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, among others.

According to Raine who recently released a video for the single Sweet Escape, she leapt at the opportunity when presented.

“When the CEO of CIN TV contacted me about the gig, I did not hesitate to take it because I believe it’s a great effort in helping to give exposure to artistes who are trying to build a name and brand. This position will also provide more exposure for me, being that it airs in the tri-state area.” Seville explained.

The owner of CIN TV, Stephen Hill, also commented on the partnership with the artiste. He believes she has the right package.

“I felt Raine was most fitting for the position because she is youthful, vibrant and she has a good following. She is familiar with the experiences of these emerging artistes, so it is relatable to her,” Hill told The WEEKEND STAR.

The first episode of Jus A Buss will be aired on Sunday, October 4. Emerging artistes can follow the CIN TV Facebook page or Raine Seville’s fan pages to get more information on the show.

Raine Seville has a bachelor’s degree in marketing/international business from the University of Technology.

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