Rankin Pumpkin Takes Aim At Skatta In Heartfelt Message Of Her Experience On Magnum (2017)

Rankin pumpkin took to her official Facebook fan page on Sunday to share a heartfelt message on her experience during the 2017 Magnum King and Qeen of Dancehall.

She is the first Japanese contestant in the competition and she expressed mixed feelings of her experience.

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“Respect and give thanks to Magnum Kings and Queens, Digicell and KFC and all other sponcers of the competition. Thank you very much to all of my Japanese friends and Jamaican supporters who vote for Rankin Pumpkin through out of Magnum Kings and Queens competition.” She wrote in a lenghty post.

I really enjoyed the competition. It was very nice exposure.

“It seems very easy in the competition looking from the out side. But very very tough inside. Many racist comments from audience and contestants. Also one of the judge of the competition. I was very surprise how I was treated as a Japanese citizen. It seems as if they don`t want any other citizens to be in their competition. In some point, I wanted to quit more than once, but my Jamaican producer African Symbol say don`t quit.” she adds

Rankin also criticized Skatta for comments he allegedly made of quitting the competition if she made it to the finals.

“At one point racist comment from the same judge saying that this Japanese lady if she went to the final he will quit the job. Some time when I am singing he push finger in his ears, some time turned his back on me even though the audience jump up and enjoy my song. He also publicly said he wish, I drop off from the competition.
But I continue to push on until I reach the final.”

“But the racist comment that he push generate some energy on the some of the local population also on the street.” she explained

Rankin Pumpkin says she was surprised at the negative feedback she received as Japan is one of the biggest supporters of Reggae music on the world market.

“I was surprise because Japan is one of the biggest supporter of Reggae Music in the world since 1979 when Bob Marley introduce to us. Most of Reggae concert that held in Japan such as Japan Splash etc. They are all Jamaican artists and entertainers.” She said

“We don`t understand what they are singing because we speak fluent Japanese, they sing in patowa broken English. We don`t understand but we still enjoy their music when they performing with a lot of happiness and love. We open our heart and give love to all Jamaican artists and entertainers.” She adds

“So I was shocked of what I received in the Jamaican competition.
Fortunatly I reached at final at the competition.”

“Many many comments on the street saying Japanese people trying to win the competition. Get the money and take away Jamaican money, take away Jamaican music. At the final event, some people come and talking to my ears many racist comment threatening kill me if I win. Talk about murder in patowa language. Many intimidation.”

“So I decide not to perform. But my producer keep saying I should perform. So I protest in my mind I not gonna do it. When I went up to the stage, for the clash that why I did not contest the clash. If you look on Youtube see my facial impression that something was wrong.”

“Big up to Ms Kitty who accept me gave me first chance to enter the competition at audition venue. Big up Professor Nuts. Big up to Bountyh Killa who saw my talent and gave me good comment. Big up to my producer African Symbol also African Symbol recording studio crew. Big up Vashti, Big up Bobby, Big up to Jah Wise and Ceyon.”

‘Thank you from Rankin Pumpkin’

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