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Mi want she win it

Over the years Jamaicans been winning the spot lights. Yes…. Why not a Japanese this time around. And more over magnum is making there money no dout about it. Magnum hot this year.

Real joke

Sum a unnu gwaan like unnu a fuckin idiot. Unnu nuh si sey a di japanese dem a vote fi rankin punkin. Look hw Jamaica small and look pan di size a Japan. A vote a duh dis, kmtf. Rankin Pumkin str8. Wen yu vote fi di nastiness dem an… Read more »

I’m agreeing with skattah….Jamaicans need to unite and stick together the girls on the show a look a buss fi take care a dem family and this stupid Japanese comes all the way from Japan a show we up more….get rid of this Japanese she’s making us look bad