Raytid distances Blahdaff from Actions of dancer Marvin ‘the beast’

Dancehall artiste Raytid is rubbishing claims of Blahdaff being responsible for dancer Marvin ‘the beast’ latest actions.
A video, created by comedian Kevin2wokrayzee, blames artists RDX and Raytid for the behavior of men in parties lately by singing about the much controversial “Daggering” and now “Blahdaff”. According to the video, Blahdaff is the new name for what was referred to as ‘dagger’ and that is what Marvin and other male dancers are doing to the females in dancehall.

Raytid however has denied these claims. “Blahdaff” is female dance created by dancehall queen Sher and there is no harm when doing the dance.” he said. He continued pointing out that he loves to see the ladies dancing and enjoying themselves and therefore continues to make music for that purpose. “Blahdaff never tell anybody to tear off someone’s clothes and behave wild! So why would you want to mix it with such behavior?” While agreeing that since of lately dancehall may have gotten out of hand, Raytid still believes that the music will still live on. “A lot of artist out there making good music but controversy sells so instead of making music people tend to create controversy as it gets you noticed real quick”.

“Too much violence was in dancehall and it looked like the men weren’t paying attention to the women so mi just come an tell ‘every man grab a girl and hold har’, I did not tell anyone to treat them bad because me love woman to much fi that!” said Raytid.
Raytid is currently promoting another song for the ladies titled “Wine and Go Dung” produced by Dj Evah Bling, Wild Bowy Swing and A Baay, produced by Dj Evah Bling and Sterro Music respectively. Raytid is known for hits such as Blahdaff, My Days and Dutty Shake.
SOURCE: Ashleigh PGR

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