RDX – Fluffy Anthem

[Blaqk Sheep Music] February 24

RDX isn’t the only one appreciating the big girls. Produced by Blaqk Sheep for Blaqk Sheep Music, “Fluffy Anthem” will appear on his upcoming “Boogie Yagga” album and he remarks, “I love fluffy girls, their curves alone are worth it! The inspiration was natural!” Blaqk Sheep isn’t alone with his thought, as the pre-promotion tease started on social media his comments were reiterated excitedly by many fluffy girls and admirers in anticipation:
“Cause we run di worldddddd” Buffy, US
“Thickaz mi seh, bone on bone nah work out!” Dre, Jamaica
“I stand strong against the world, I love me from the curve on the top of my head to the arch in my feet!” Kat, US
“A thick, curvy woman is just beautiful. That’s it” DJ, France
“Curves are most attractive than angles!” Kwa, Bahamas
RDX “Fluffy Anthem” produced by Blaqk Sheep Music. Follow RDX on Twitter & IG @RDXMusic.

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