Reggae Hit Maker Nesbeth Rocks Ohio & Mentor Prison Inmates

Reggae hit-creator Nesbeth recently delivered an intriguing set at the Reggae Springfest in Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio to the hundreds who ended up witnessing the feature.

His set was in both spaces and the ‘New Gangster’ crooner was definitely not saved as he captured the gathering of people with tracks like ‘Weapons Out’, ‘My Dream’ and a touching tribute to his late spouse in the midst of the thirty minutes set.

“I couldn’t have requested a superior group of onlookers they were exceptionally open and thankful. I encouraged off the group’s vitality and that helped me to convey an incredible set. What more would I be able to state however a major thank you to the general population of Ohio.” – Nesbeth shouted.

Lately, the Rastafarian vocalist has strengthened his crusade gone for elevating the adolescents particularly the disappointed and those most influenced by the financial dangers of Jamaica. He visited the Spanish Town Adult Correctional Center to perform and tutor detainees.

During his performance at the facility, Nesbeth took time out to caution inmates about the path of criminality stating he earnestly want to see a better Jamaica in which offenders can be reintegrated into society as productive and upstanding citizens. During one of the many segments Nesbeth alluding to the lyrics of his current single ‘New Gangster’ specifically to the line, ‘Bad and still hungry a luu (nonsense) gangster’.

In the meantime, Nesbeth, is working on the video shoot for ‘New Gangster’ Nesbeth is slated to perform at the Police Federation Conference on May 9th at Iberostar Hotel;Caribbean Village Culture Festival June 25th Fort Lauderdale Beforing jetting of to Atlanta on 29th of June

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